Frequently asked questions

DSU produces your fridge seal in 2 – 5 days after receiving your order. There is a possibility to place a rush order for same day shipping. A surcharge of €10 per order is applicable for rush orders. Orders must be received before noon (CET) with a maximum of 10 seals per order.

You can only calculate a price on this website when you are a registered customer of DSU. If you don’t have an account, you can apply for one by entering your company details in the registration form.

A discount is applicable when ordering 10 seals or more. Discounts on made-to-measure seals can add up to 15%. Discounts are applied automatically when adding seals to your cart.

We can produce larger series of seals at a competitive price. Contact us by phone or via our contact form with your inquiry for 50 or more of the same seals.

Of course we are ready to help you with a sample piece. Use our contact form or send an email to

We can also assist you with finding the matching profile or a suitable alternative. On the page identifying a profile you can read more about how to determine which profile you need.

For the professional refrigeration engineer, we have compiled a sample case. This sample case contains 108 commonly used PVC profiles. This sample case can be ordered here.
It is already a good investment if it avoids one mistake!

All profiles shown on the website can be ordered as profile lengths only with or without magnet. Choose “length with magnet” or “length without magnet”, the colour and the amount you need in the configuration tool.

The measurements of a fridge seal can be determined in 3 different ways. On the page “how to measure a fridge seal“ you can find more information about taking measurements.

There a hundred of sealing profiles. Our goal is to always offer our customers a fitting solution.
On our website you can find the full selection of available profiles. Contact us if you cannot find the profile you are looking for. With our experience we can assist you with finding a suitable alternative. Go to the profile identification page and follow the instructions.

Orders from 10 bespoke seals and more are eligible for a discount. Discount can add up to 15% or more. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the available discounts via email or use our contact form.

A size: This is the most commonly used method to determine the seal dimensions (width x height). The A size is measured by taking the outside-to-outside dimensions of the fridge seal.
B size: This method is not very commonly used. The B size is measured by taking the measurements from magnet-to-magnet.
C size: For dart profiles centre-to-centre is the best way to take measurements. We advise engineers to take measurements for dart profiles (width x height) in the door (or drawer). In practice this means you measure the inside edge of the slot on the one side to the outside edge of the slot on the other side.

On the page “how to measure a fridge seal” there are some illustrations on how to take the dimensions of a fridge seal in the correct way and more practical information about taking measurements.

In the configuration tool you can choose from the available colours. Availability differs per profile. The most commonly used colours for fridge seals are grey, white and black.
Please contact us if you are looking for a particular colour that is currently not offered in the configuration tool.

Right after installation magnetic seals can have less power of attraction. It can take several weeks for the magnet to reach the right power of attraction.

Upon receiving your company details we will determine to which payment terms we can start the cooperation.

You can pay using bank transfer or Paypal.

Our products are shipped to many countries. You can also pick-up your order by using your own DHL or UPS shipping account. Please contact us for finding out more about our shipping cost.

For your order, we charge shipping and handling cost. These costs depend on the order value. You can also pick-up your order by using your own DHL or UPS shipping account. Please contact our sales department for finding out more about our shipping cost.

All our orders are send with UPS. You will receive a track & trace code once your shipment has been picked up at our factory. To find out where you package is you can enter your track & trace code on the website of UPS.

We offer the possibility to deliver your order at a different address. On our website you can enter where you want the order to be delivered. It is also possible to deliver your order at one of the thousands of UPS Access Points throughout the world.

We produce bespoke fridge seals for the aftermarket and for producers of refrigeration equipment. Our fridge seals are installed in commercial cooling installations in hotels, restaurants, bars, petrol stations, supermarkets, refrigeration equipment in the medical sector, laboratories etc. End-users in these categories will be redirected to a refrigeration company in their region. We use a business-to-business model that excludes sales to private individuals.

If you accidentally ordered a seal with the wrong dimensions we can help you to “re-work” the seal. Obviously, re-work is only possible if the seal needs to be smaller. A special tariff applies to re-work as the PVC and magnet has already been paid for. Contact our customer service if you have a seal that you want to re-work. Mind that it must be a seal that was ordered from DSU.

For re-work of fridge seals the following rules apply:
-       Contact our customer service with your order number.
-       The seal must be fit for re-work. Upon receiving the seal, it will be checked if:
         o   The seal is in good condition, not wrinkled or folded
         o   The required seal must be minimum 1 cm less wide or 1 cm less high.

It is a pity if the wrong profile was ordered. Always double check your order before sending it to DSU. Seals are produced to customer order and are Non-returnable and Non-refundable.


Refrigerator seals (or refrigerator gaskets) need to replaced over time. The lifespan of a refrigerator seal largely depends on the way it is maintained and the intensity of use.

Read more on how to maintain fridge seals effectively.

In order to reduce the logistics cost fridge seals are carefully folded by our employees. Remove the seal(s) immediately from the packaging upon receipt and follow directions:
- Always hold the gasket/seal by its corners to keep the magnetic strip from breaking.
- Lay down the gasket/seal so it can adjust to its ambient temperature
- Wrinkles and creases (through transportation) can be removed by gently warming the seal/gasket with a hairdryer if necessary

Right after installation magnetic seals can have less power of attraction. It can take several weeks for the magnet to reach the right power of attraction.

You can logon with the same account (email address) with multiple people.

All of them will then work in the same shopping basket (order). 

If you have set up multiple accounts for your company (different unique emailadresses with passwords) then each will have their own shopping basket. The order history will show the name of the user who has placed an order.

Our website has a permanent shopping basket: every product will stay in the shopping basket until you order it or remove it.

Yes, this is possible. For example, if you are awaiting feedback from your customer you can save a shopping basket. It is advisable to give the shopping basket a customer reference so you can easily retrieve it from your saved baskets which you can find in your account. After retrieving your shopping basket, it is possible to add, remove or change items.

On this website there is the possibility to show prices in currencies other than EURO. Exchange rates for other currencies are determined on the basis of monthly exchange rate information as provided by the European Central Bank. This exchange rate information can be found here.

The exchange rate against the EURO is determined at the time of ordering. Invoices are The invoice will be in EURO.

When placing an order, the exchange rate is applied based on the monthly exchange rate information as provided by the European Central Bank. Invoices are in EURO.

In the order history the prices at the moment of ordering are shown. If your re-order a product the current exchange rate will be applied.

The prices mentioned in the saved shopping basket(s) are from the moment the shopping basket was saved for later use. If a saved shopping basket is ordered, the current exchange rate against the EURO will be applied.

Enter the email address connected to your DSU account at the “forgot your password?” page. You will receive an email with instructions to set a new password.