Coldroom door seals


Rubber profiles are used universally as a door seal or sealing strip for cold rooms, walk-in freezers and so on. Our rubber profiles are made of high quality durable material. In the category rubber profiles on this website you will find our complete assortment of rubber profiles. These can be ordered per meter or on a roll of 25 meters.

Rubber glue and corner pieces
We offer professional rubber glue with specific properties to glue rubber profiles. In the category cleaning, glue and tools you can find our complete assortment of glues. 

Fermod coldroom gaskets
A broad assortment of Fermod coldroom gaskets and rubber profiles are available. Please contact us for more information about our Fermod assortment.


Fermod coldroom rubber profiles include:

43-A 20

43-A 28

43-A 36