Refrigerator rubber


A refrigerator rubber or gasket is an important part of the refrigerator. In case of insufficient maintenance, intensive use or damage, the door gasket must be replaced.

What is the function of a fridge rubber?
The refrigerator rubber forms a flexible barrier between the warm outside air and the cooled air inside the refrigerator. Without a door gasket, the food inside the fridge will get spoiled.

A damaged broken door gasket causes an increase in electricity consumption of up to 25%. The cost of replacing a door gasket therefore earns itself back over time and it also contributes to the kitchen energy efficiency.

Replacing a fridge rubber
DSU produces door gaskets for all professional refrigerators and freezers. Our door gaskets are of equal or better quality than the original door gasket of the manufacturer.

Follow our step-by-step plan for recording the size and determining the required door gasket profile. For questions you can contact us via WhatsApp, email or the contact form.