Fridge seal cleaner


Together with a specialized manufacturer of cleaning agents we have developed a ready for use, fragrance-free, professional cleaner for cleaning P.V.C. seals in all types of refrigeration equipment. 

Why maintaining your seals is important
Proper care and maintenance will extend the life span of P.V.C. seals. Apply this Professional Fridge Seal Cleaner or a water based cleaning agent to keep your seals free from fat and dirt. Fat causes P.V.C. to dry out and get brittle which causes it to rip easily.  Properly maintained seals are important for general kitchen hygiene and food safety. 

Other than prescribed cleansers can damage the P.V.C. which can cause irreparable damage to the seal.

Directions for maintaining fridge seals:
1.)  Remove any contamination such as food scraps, crumbs etc. using a brush.
2.)  Apply Professional fridge seal cleaner or a water based cleaning agent on the seal.
3.)  Let it sit for 30 seconds.
4.)  Wipe dry with a clean soft cloth, also between the folds. Do not use sharp objects to clean in-between the folds, this can cause irreparable damage. Repeat treatment until the seal is entirely clean.

Notice: a worn, split or broken seal on your fridge means that you are not getting an effective seal when the door is closed. This causes the refrigeration compressor to run more frequent and for longer to keep the contents at the set temperature. This leads to a higher electricity bill and the life span of the compressor will be reduced.

For professional use only. Safety data sheet available on request.

Professional cleaner fridge seals

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