Glassdoor seal


Refrigerated display cabinets and upright glass door refrigerators and freezers are ideal for the display and storage of chilled and frozen products. Refrigerated display cabinets are applied at, for example, supermarkets, petrol stations, fast food restaurants and increasingly in shops for impulse sales of soft drinks, ice cream etc.

Intensive use causes the glass door seals to break, which means that they have to be replaced. Common brands of glass doors for which we produce (bespoke) replacement seals are: Schott-Termofrost, Cisaplast, Viessmann, TGD Spa, GTB group, Scantech etcetera.

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Glassdoor freezer
In almost all supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets display frozen meals, pizzas, snacks, vegetables, etc. These refrigerated cabinet freezers are closed off with a glass door containing a door seal. Particularly in this type of cabinets, it is important that the door seal functions properly because warm humid air causes ice formation on the glass and on the products. An average consumer will think the products are spoiled because of the ice forming on the products. As a result, these products will hardly sell, if at all, resulting in a loss for the entrepreneur.

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