Help with choosing the correct gasket profile

Choosing the right gasket profile

Finding a matching fridge gasket profile can be difficult because there are so many of them. Cut out a piece of the gasket and compare the cross section with the profile drawings on our website or in our catalogue.

Finding the correct profile
Are you unable to find a matching profile? Please upload a photo or send us a photo via WhatsApp so we can advise you.

WhatsApp: +31 6 30 50 3000

Send it by post
It is possible to send us a cross section of the gasket by post. Fill out the form and include the piece(s) of gasket.
Send it to:
Neutronenlaan 1
The Netherlands

Request sample piece(s)
If you are in doubt about which profile to use you can request a sample piece free of charge. A sample piece can be ordered through the email or contact form.

Sample case with PVC gasket profiles
For the professional refrigeration engineer, we have compiled a sample case. This sample case contains 110 commonly used PVC profiles and a categorized inlay with all profile drawings on scale 1:1. It is already a good investment if it avoids one mistake!