Fridge door does not close properly


If the door of a refrigerator or freezer does not close properly, the cause lies with the hinge or a defective door rubber. In most cases a hinge can be re-adjusted. A broken or worn door rubber will cause the cold air to escape because there is no longer an air thigh seal. A fridge rubber often wears on the corners or in between the folds. Also the magnet could have fallen out on one or more sides causing the fridge door not to close properly.

Avoid a refrigerator rubber to get worn or damaged
A fridge rubber gets worn and damaged under the influence of fats and food spoils but also due to improper cleaning and the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Proper cleaning of your fridge door rubber will greatly extent its life span. Read our cleaning tips

Making sure the fridge door closes properly again
If the refrigerator or freezer door does not close properly, the cooling compressor will work many extra hours per day to keep the set temperature. These additional hours cause the power consumption to go up. It is therefore advisable to replace a broken or worn fridge rubber as soon as possible. A refrigeration service company or professional kitchen service company can help you with the replacement of your fridge gaskets in commercial catering equipment. They know how to identify the rubber profile and how to take measurements. Mind that measuring a fridge rubber must be done carefully because it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the profile and dimensions provided at the time of order are correct. Bespoke fridge and freezer rubber gaskets are non-refundable. On request we can advise you a refrigeration service or kitchen service company in your region.
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