Upright freezer seal

Freezers are provided with a door seal that ensures that warm humid air does not come into the freezer. A damaged or worn door seal in a freezer cabinet causes ice formation. The ice formation will occur at the place where the door seal does not close properly on the casing rim. Ice will also form on the products that are stored in the freezer. In the case of glass door freezers, an additional problem is that ice will form on the window as a result of the leakage. In order to ensure that products are kept in the freezer under the right conditions, the door seal should be replaced. In addition, it is wise to install a new seal in order to save up to 25% on the power consumption and wear of the refrigeration compressor.

Deurmanchet Service Uden BV is the European specialist in bespoke door seals for professional end users.

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Example of a broken door seal in a glass door and the resulting ice formation.