Profile selection support

We are happy to help you find the right profile. We offer various ways to help you:

Website and catalogue
On our website we publish our assortment of fridge seal profiles. Besides this we have a printed and digital catalogue with profile drawings on scale 1:1. The printed catalogue can be ordered through our website free of charge. The digital catalogue can be downloaded from our website.

Fridge Seal Sample kit
With the DSU fridge seal sample kit you always have 110 sample pieces at hand for the most commonly used fridge profile types for commercial refrigeration equipment. The sample case gives a professional appearance when visiting customers and besides this it helps to avoid mistakes or the need for a repeat visit for test fitting a seal sample piece.

Send us a picture via WhatsApp or Email
You can send a photo of the profile cross-section to our customer service via WhatsApp +31 6 30 50 3000. It is also possible to send us a photo by Email or upload it via our website.