Fridge seal is broken or worn out



Commercial refrigerator appliances such as upright refrigerators, refrigerated workbenches, (shock) freezers etc. are used intensively in kitchens and deli counters. Fridge and freezer door seals can break for many reasons, ranging from wear due to intense use to inefficient or a total lack of cleaning.

Fridge door and drawer seals get soiled from contact with hands while opening and closing. Often this spoilage contains fats. If not cleaned daily these fats cause the PVC material to dry out. The then hard and inflexible PVC material gets brittle and will split and before you know it a seal replacement is needed.

Avoid wear and tear of your fridge seals and extend the lifespan by properly maintaining them with the right water based cleaner. Read about how to maintain a refrigerator seal in 4 steps.


Prevent a refrigerator seal from drying out and cracking
Fridge seals that become hard from drying out will crack and break when used intensively. A broken fridge or freezer seal means there is no longer an air-tight seal between the fridge and the outside, keeping cold air in and warm air out. In everyday practice fridge seals will break on the top-side because this is where food spills and most pollution accumulates due to insufficient cleaning frequency.

Once fridge seals dry out, become hard and break they need to be replaced. There is no possibility to bring dried out rubbers back in the original flexible condition, drying out is an irreversible process.

Prevent spoilage of foodstuffs
Food in a fridge that is not sealed properly is more likely to get spoiled because the set temperature won’t be reached. No air-thigh seal lets the cold air out and warm air in. No one will know if the foodstuffs have been kept cold enough not to get spoiled. This is a potential danger to public health and the reason that the health authorities are actively checking the seals in refrigeration appliances.

Besides this refrigerator seals are a common hiding spot for mold. This is one of the worst places for a mold infestation because it is in such close proximity to the food kept in a refrigerator.

Don’t wait for the health authorities to come in and pro-actively check the condition of the fridge and freezer seals in your kitchen.
Keep your refrigerator energy efficient
A broken fridge seal causes multiple negative effects for your refrigeration appliances. A worn or broken seal means the refrigerator will lose cold air, even when the door is closed. This increases the workload on your compressor, which can shorten the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment and increase the electricity bill.

Properly clean the seals in refrigeration equipment and replace them when they are broken.
Replace your fridge seals timely
Contact your refrigeration engineer or kitchen service company. They know which profile is used and how to get a replacement seal. Measuring and installing must be done with precision. On request we redirect your inquiry for refrigerator seals to a service company in your region.
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