Drawer seal

What is a drawer seal?


A drawer seal is made out of soft PVC, rubber or silicone. A drawer seal keeps the drawer closed so the cold air generated by the refrigerator compressor stays inside. Most drawer seals have a magnetic strip inside in order for the drawer to create an airtight seal.

Drawer seals are installed in most drawers of refrigeration equipment such as prep tables, pizza workbenches, counter prep tables etc.

DSU produces made to order prep table drawer seals. In our assortment, we have more than 200 different seal profiles from which we manufacture any dimension drawer seal.

DSU does not offer on-site services for the replacement of refrigerator seals. We can help you to find a company in your area specialized in refrigeration or kitchen services. They know how to determine which profile you need and how it needs to be installed properly. Taking measurement needs to be done carefully.  Upon receiving the profile type and dimensions we produce a made-to-measure drawer seal. Refrigerator drawer seals with a perfect fit will last longer, that’s a fact.

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