Per meter


Fridge gasket profile lengths
All refrigerator gasket profiles are available as lengths and where applicable with or without a matching magnetic strip.

Our dart profiles, flap profiles, lip profiles and compression profiles can be ordered through this website in standard lengths. Some of the compression profiles are also available per roll or by the metre.

Silicon profiles and rubber profiles by the meter or roll
Rubber profiles and silicon profiles are sold by the metre or on a fixed length per roll of for example 25 or 50 metre. These profiles cannot be welded. They can be connected with our specially selected rubber and silicon glue.

EPDM: Neoprene sponge rubber and foam profiles per roll
Neoprene sponge rubber and foam profiles (EPDM) are available on fixed length rolls of 5, 10 and 15 metres.

Neoprene sponge rubber is available with an self-adhesive strip on one side ideal for easy fitting. One side self-adhesive sponge rubber is available in rolls of 5 or 10 meters.