Energy saving with a fit seal



Broken and worn out door seals have a significant impact on the cooling capacity and energy consumption of refrigeration equipment. Without a proper seal, the refrigerator or freezer "leaks" cold air. In order to still reach the set temperature and to keep it constant, the cooling compressor has to work extra hours or even continuously. This is causing higher maintenance cost and a higher energy bill. This energy loss further increases when the difference between the set temperature of the refrigerator and the ambient temperature increases.

It is advised to maintain refrigeration equipment and ensure a tight seal on the door allowing the unit to run exactly the way it’s indented. It will save maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

A refrigeration or kitchen service company can advise you when looking for the right seal. They know which profile you need and how it should be measured and properly installed.
The measuring of door seals must be done accurately as they are made to measure by us. On request we refer you to a refrigeration installation or kitchen service company in your area.
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