Magnetic seal



A magnetic seal is also known as a fridge seal or fridge gasket. They can be found sealing doors and drawers of refrigerators and freezers. A magnetic fridge seal is designed to hold a magnetic strip to ensure that the fridge door stays closed with an airtight seal around the refrigerator cabinet. The profiles with magnet chamber are in the categories: dart-type (push-in) profiles, flap profiles and lip profiles. The profiles with magnet in our assortment are indicated by the extension M after the profile number (e.g. 38-M).

It is possible to order a seal with a magnet only on 3 sides and / or a U-shaped seal. Use our seal configuration tool to see all available options.

The magnetic seal takes care of the sealing between the door or drawer and the refrigerator or freezer cabinet. This way the cold air stays in the cabinet so the refrigeration compressor does not have to run continuously. A properly sealed refrigerator saves energy and extents the lifespan of the refrigerating unit.