Afinox fridge seal

For Afinox catering equipment the following fridge seal profiles are used:


Identify the seal profile of an Afinox refrigerator cabinet, freezer cabinet, refrigerated table or blast chiller.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.

About Afinox

Afinox is an Italian producer of professional refrigeration equipment for the hospitality and catering sector. Founded in 1980 it has grown to become a large player on the market for professional catering equipment. Afinox offers product for the preparation, storage and presentation of food.


DSU assortment

The Afinox assortment consists of a wide selection of refrigeration equipment including:

  • Upright chiller and freezer cabinets
    • Mekano Green 400
    • Retarder / Prover cabinets
    • Wine display cabinet
  • Pizza and sandwich prep tables
    • Fresh pizza chiller counter
    • Spring pizza chiller counter – PKE / SPK model
    • Thrym pizza prep table – PNK / VRK / PRK model
  • Chiller and freezer counters
    • Linear 700
    • Spring Saladette 700 / 800 / R290
    • Thrym SRK 700 / TRK 700 / TRK 800 / TRB GREEN R290
  • Blast chillers and freezers
    • Infinity
    • Speed
    • One
    • Faster


About DSU

We are the leading brand independent manufacturer of Afinox door seals for catering kitchen service companies, commercial refrigeration service companies and wholesaler in catering and refrigeration equipment spares.