Whirlpool Professional

Whirlpool Professional fridge seal

For Whirlpool Professional catering equipment, the following fridge seal profiles are used:


Identify the seal profile of a Whirlpool Professional refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.


About Whirlpool Professional

Whirlpool Professional is a worldwide player in the professional catering and hospitality segments. The range of Whirlpool products include cooking, refrigeration, ice cube making, laundry, dishwashing, preparation and ventilation.


Whirlpool assortment

The Whirlpool Professional assortment consists of a wide selection of refrigerators and freezers including:

  • Chest freezers
  • Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Ice Makers
  • Chilled Prep Tables
  • Up-right refrigerators
  • Up-right freezers


About DSU

We are the leading brand independent manufacturer of Whirlpool Professional door seals for catering kitchen service companies, commercial refrigeration service companies and wholesalers in catering and refrigeration equipment spares.