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PORKKA is a Finish manufacturer of professional cooling equipment and part of the Huurre Group which is known for its cold storage solutions. PORKKA’s high quality refrigeration equipment includes compact refrigeration solutions for hotels, restaurants, institutional kitchens, the marine sector and the medical sector. PORKKA equipment is manufactured in Lahti Finland.


PORKKA assortment

PORKKA has a broad assortment of refrigerators, freezers and counters:

  • Refrigerated cabinets
    • Inventus Premium – CX7 / FX7 / C6 / C7 / C8 / F7 / F8 Model
    • Future chiller - E C722 Model
    • Future freezer – E F722 Model
    • Future Plus – E M730 Model
  • Blast chillers and freezers
    • Inventus blast chiller cabinet - BC / BF7 / BF8 / DC520
    • Future blast chiller cabinet - BC / DF / DC520
  • Refrigerated food storage counters
    • Bar line
    • Cold line – CL – GNL – GNH - GNS
    • DHMC Hot and Neutral counters
    • Display Line refrigerated counters
    • Hot line – Hot Counters
  • Cold rooms and freezer rooms
    • Universal Plug-in cold rooms UCR
    • Modular Step-In cold rooms MCR
  • Blast chillers and freezers rooms for trolley operation – BC – BF - SH Model


PORKKA assortment Marine food and beverage storage equipment

The PORKKA Marine cold storage solutions consist of a line of refrigeration products specifically designed for use in galleys and food serving areas for all types of vessels:

  • Marine refrigerators and storage cabinets – FM 520 – 720 – 722 Models
  • Marine specialist MR and MF cabinets – MR 200 – 300 – 400 – 550 Models
  • Marine blast chiller - FM BC/BF 720 Models
  • Marine cold line counters - CLM – GNH Models
  • Marine Hotline counters - HLM Series
  • Marine display Line – Counters – DLM Series
  • Ice cube and Ice Flake Machines – KF45 – KF85 – KF145 Models
  • Walk-in Cold Rooms and Walk-in Freezer rooms for Vessels


PORKKA specialist assortment for medical and research

The PORKKA medical and research cold storage solutions assortment consists of a range of refrigerators:

  • Laboratory research refrigerator – LAB300 – LAB75 – RC520 – RC720 Model
  • Laboratory research freezer – RF520 – RF720 Model
  • Chromatography Refrigerator glass door - CT1422GD – CT722GD Model
  • Medical combi refrigerator – MC722 – MF722 Model
  • Combination Medical storage cabinet – ProMed Series
  • Medical Freezer (glass door) – MF Series
  • Flake Ice Machine – KF – KL Series
  • Incubators
  • Plasma freezers
  • Pharmacy refrigerators
  • Constant temperature rooms


About DSU

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