AHT seal

Seal profiles used in AHT refrigeration equipment:



About AHT Cooling Systems GmbH

AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is an Austrian company specialized in (plug-in) refrigeration equipment for professional use. AHT refrigerated cabinets are used within large supermarket chains worldwide. The AHT head office is in Rottenmann Austria where also part of its production takes place. Furthermore AHT has production sites in Navegantes (Brazil), Charleston (USA) and Changshu (China). AHT aftersales is carried out through the COOLPOINT-partner network.


AHT sells the following refrigeration equipment in which a seal is applied in the door:
·      Glassdoor freezer cabinets
       o   KINLEY XL
·      Glassdoor wall units for supermarkets
·      Up-right refrigerators and up-right freezers
·      Countertop coolers
·      AHT Extra Cold glassdoor coolers
·      Impuls merchandisers with glassdoor
·      Backbar coolers
·      Storage freezers
·      Chest freezers
·      Stainless steel coolers & Freezers