Arneg freezer glass door seal

Door seal profiles used in Arneg multidecks and display freezer cabinets with glass door include:

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About Arneg

Arneg was founded half a century ago in Italy and it currently is a truly global player in commercial refrigeration for the retail. The company focusses on the design, production and installation of complete refrigeration solutions for retailers. Arneg subsidiaries include: Incold, Intrac and OSCARTIELLE. 


Arneg assortment

Arneg has a broad portfolio of refrigeration equipment for the retail sector which includes (display) refrigerator cabinets, glass door refrigerator units and glass door freezer units in which a soft PVC door seal has been applied:

  • Arneg vertical glass-door refrigerator and freezer cabinets
    • (MINI) ASTANA Series
    • BREMA LF Series
    • LIPSIA Series
    • MALAGA Series
    • MINSK Series
    • OSAKA 3 P Series
    • PRAGA Series
    • SANTIAGO 2 Series
    • WENGEN P Series


About DSU

Producer of magnetic seals for Arneg commercial display cabinets. Specialized producer of high quality, OEM equivalent Arneg magnetic seals for retail display freezer glass doors at competitive prices. We offer customers a one-stop-shop for commercial fridge and freezer seals. Support for all brands of commercial refrigeration equipment.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

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