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SaCar Forni refrigerator or freezer door seal

Refrigerator and freezer door seal profiles used in SaCar Forni bakery refrigeration equipment:

Identify the seal profile of SaCar Forni refrigerator or freezer cabinet.

Replace a refrigerator or freezer seal in 4 steps.

About DSU

DSU is European market leader in the manufacturing of (custom made) OEM compatible magnetic door and drawer seals for SaCar Forni bakery refrigeration equipment such as tray blast chillers, food counters, retarder prover (dough rising) cabinets, tray blast chillers, refrigerator cabinets, refrigerated worktables, freezer counters, thawing cabinets, blast chillers, walk-in cold rooms and cold storage rooms as applied in the commercial bakery sector.

We help you to replace broken or worn bakery refrigerator, proofer, freezer and cold room door seals.

We provide a solution for over 320 brands of professional refrigeration equipment. With support of our Whatsapp service we help you to find the right seal profile. We manufacture from one single seal. Lead-time to produce any replacement seal is between 1 and 4 days. Our B2B portal is set up to help you manage the need for replacement refrigerator door seals.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

No matching seal profile for your SaCar Forni refrigerator or freezer door in the overview above? Send us a picture of the seal cross-section and we will help you to find the right profile number.