Isocab Cold Room Door Seal

Soft PVC, rubber, EPDM or silicone door seal profiles as applied in a Isocab Cold Room, Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in freezer insulated hinged or sliding door include:

Identify the seal profile of an Isocab Walk-in cold room or freezer room door.

Replace a cold room door seal in 4 steps.

About Isocab

Founded in 1973 the company Isocab has been part of the Kingspan group since 2012. It was in 2018 that Isocab joined forces with Isobar under the name of Isomasters.

Today Isomasters is a Belgium based producer specialized in manufacturing modular cold stores and freezers for the food and retail industries. The group has 3 production sites and has an annual turnover of over €100 mln.

Isocab’s comprehensive product range includes clean rooms, modular cold rooms and insulated panel systems, as well as a range of doors and accessories to suit every application.

Isodoors cold-rooms and freezers are sealed with a double door seal (42-A) and have a customizable sweeper gasket at the bottom of the door for maximum insulation.


Isocab assortment

Isocab has a broad product range including clean rooms, modular cold rooms and insulated panel systems:

  • Standardized cold rooms and freezer rooms
    • Modular ISO 06 – 08 – 10 – 14 – 18
    • Minibox
    • Coldbox
    • Isostock
    • Refrimatic
  • Customized cold rooms and freezer rooms
  • Cool & Freezing Swing Door
    • PFD – VFD – QFD: for positive temperatures
    • PDD – VDD – QDD: for negative temperatures
    • PFDD – VFDD – QFDD: for positive temperatures
    • PDDD – VDDD – QDDD: for negative temperatures
  • Swing and heavy sliding doors for positive temperatures
    • PCA – KCA – VCA – QCA for positive temperatures
  • Swing and sliding doors with frame heating for negative temperatures
  • Glass doors with or without heated double glass
  • Isolated or plastic office doors PFB – VFB – QFB: one leaf
  • Flip-flap doors and strip curtains - ISOVENTA
  • Fixed, sliding, handle or hinged windows, fitted with thermal double glass
  • Racks and a complete range of cooling units


About DSU

Europe based producer and supplier of soft PVC, EPDM and silicone gaskets and rubber sweepers as applied to seal Isocab hinged cold room doors. We also supply an assortment of EPDM, Silicone and Rubber sealing profiles and angled rubber sweepers by the metre for servicing and repairing hinged and sliding cold room doors, cold store doors, step-in cold room doors, vessel cold room doors, roll-in cold room doors and roll-in freezer room doors. We keep stock of over 220 gasket profile styles covering all major brands in commercial refrigeration and cold storage solutions.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

No matching seal profile for your Isocab refrigerator in the overview above? Send us a picture of the seal cross-section and we will help you to find the right profile number.