FERMOD Cold Room Door Seal

Soft PVC, rubber, EPDM or silicone door seal profiles as applied in a FERMOD Cold Room, Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in freezer insulated hinged or sliding door include:

Fermod part numbers

Description Fermod Code DSU code
Soft PVC gasket Reference 74 19-A
Grey silicone gasket Reference 41 41-SIL
Soft rubber white cloth H16/H17/H19  
White EPDM gasket Reference 27 1-A
Black EPDM gasket Reference 67/252 14-A / 14-C
Rigid PVC profile Reference 5831 20-C
Black floor rubber gasket Reference 250 49-A
Fixing stripfor sweeper gasket 250 Reference 3362 49-C
Black rubber gasket Reference 2350 43-A38
Black frame rubber gasket Reference 2311 43-A20
Black frame rubber gasket   43-A28
Black frame rubber gasket Reference 8511 43-A36
Fixing strip for rubber gasket 2311/8511 Reference 3312 43-C
Soft black rubber gasket Reference 502 57-B
Soft black rubber floor gasket Reference 3350 49-A
Soft black rubber angle piece Reference 3462  
Soft black rubber frame gasket Reference 4451 49-B
Fixing strip for rubber gasket 4451 Reference 3352 49-D
Rubber angle piece for rubber gasket 4451 Reference 4453 49-H
Retaining cornerpiece for gasket 2313 Reference 2313 43-D
Soft black rubber frame gasket Reference 67 14-A
Retaining strip for 67 Reference 252 14-C


Identify the seal profile of a FERMOD Walk-in cold room or freezer room door.

Replace a cold room door seal in 4 steps.


Since the start in 1934 FERMOD has been active in the design, production and sales of hardware, rubber gaskets and assasories for the refrigeration industry. FERMOD solutions provide for the airtight sealing of climate chambers, cold rooms and cold storages around the world. The production of FERMOD products is centered in Senlis en Creil (Oise). The sales is coordinated from its Paris based international sales office.

FERMOD assortment

The FERMOD assortment consists of a broad range of different types of manual and automatic sliding doors for cold storages, cold rooms and climate rooms. Hardware for cold room doors (fastners, latches, hinges and locks), strip curtains, rubber, soft PVC and silicone gaskets. Find below the FERMOD assortment by product segement:

  • Hardware for hinged cold room doors (FERMOD Hinges and Latches)
    • Latches for small doors – automatic – 560 – 570 – 571 Series
    • Latches with adjustable strike – automatic – 651 – 652 Series
    • Latches for small overlapping doors – automatic – 790 – 791 – 795 Series
  • Hardware for hinged cold room – inset / swing / flush doors
    • Pivot spring hinge – 175 – 176 Series
    • Edgemount Hinge – 306 – 308 Series
    • Hinge for overlapping doors – 361 Series
    • Hinge for inset doors – 710 – 720 Series
    • Composite hinges for overlapping doors – 1370 – 1371 Series
    • Automatic Fastners – Composite – Various types
  • Fermatic Systemen
    • Manual 2100 – 2300 – 2400 – 3400 – 3500 – 7500 – 8700 – 4400 Series
    • Sliding door self closure
  • Pressure relief valves for FERMOD walk-in cold rooms
    • Valve - 2220 – 2230 – 2260 Series
  • FERMOFLEX PVC Strip curtains
    • Strip curtains FERMOFLEX 2600 - 2620 – 2700 Series
  • FERMOSTOCK shelving system – storage racks for cold rooms
    • Shelving system - 5611 – 611 – 6811 – 6622 Series
  • FERMOCLEAN Sliding doors for clean rooms
    • Manual sliding doors - 2920 Series
    • Automatic sliding doors - 2990 Series

About DSU

Europe based producer and supplier of soft PVC, EPDM and silicone gaskets and rubber sweepers as applied to seal FERMOD hinged cold room doors. We also supply an assortment of EPDM, Silicone and Rubber sealing profiles and angled rubber sweepers by the metre for servicing and repairing hinged and sliding cold room doors, cold store doors, step-in cold room doors, vessel cold room doors, roll-in cold room doors and roll-in freezer room doors. We keep stock of over 220 gasket profile styles covering all major brands in commercial refrigeration and cold storage solutions.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

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