Friulinox fridge seal

For Friulinox Professional catering equipment, the following fridge seal profiles are used:


Identify the seal profile of a Friulinox refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.


About Friulinox

Friulinox designs and manufactures high-end refrigeration equipment aimed at professional users in the horeca and catering sector. The company was founded in Italy in 1972 and focusses on delivering reliable, quality equipment for storage and refrigeration in commercial kitchens. Since 2004 Friulinox is part of the Ali Group of companies. This is a worldwide market leader in the field of systems and equipment to the catering industry.

The Ali Group consists of many companies. For professional refrigeration these companies include Beverage Air, Friginox, Hiber, Polaris, Tecnomac and Victory.


Friulinox assortment

The Friulinox assortment consists of a wide selection of refrigerators and freezers including:

·      Refrigerators Gastronorm Line – Evo 1 and Evo 2+ Series

·      Glass door refrigerators – Evo 1 Prestige Series

·      Special refrigeration cabinets – Compact Line – Maturer – Defrost and Combi 4 Series

·      Roll-in refrigeration cabinets -  (Gold) Evo 1 Roll-in

·      Blast chillers – Chilly, Go and Plus R Series

·      Retarder Proofers – Lievitamatic Armadi – Tavoli – Roll-in Series

·      Undercounters – Primus – Planet – Evo 1, Evo 1 Snack, Evo 2+

·      Saladette – Quick Master and Saladet Spring Line

·      Cold rooms and cold storages – Celle Lievitamatic, Plus Celle e Tunnel and Power Plus


About DSU

Manufacturer of Friulinox commercial fridge gaskets with or without magnet for all types of Friulinox cooling equipment as used in supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals and catering companies. We produce any brand commercial door gasket, no minimum order quantity. We stock Europe’s largest assortment of gasket profiles. Fast delivery guaranteed.