Bonnet Névé

Bonnet Névé freezer glass door seal

Door seal profiles used in Bonnet Névé multidecks and display freezer cabinets with glass door include:

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About Bonnet Névé

Bonnet Névé evolved from a merger between the two French market leaders in commercial refrigeration, the brands Bonnet and Névé. In 1988 the companies merged into the Epta Group. Today the brand is known worldwide and market leader in the design and production of serve-over counters, glass door refrigerator and freezer cabinets. Bonnet Névé offers turn-key commercial refrigeration solutions for retailers around the world.


Bonnet Névé assortment

The Bonnet Névé assortment consists of a various series of (display) refrigerators and freezers including:

  • Refrigerator and feezer cabinets
    • EPTA bricks – concept (refrigerated pick-up points)
    • Bowl 4 – Refrigerated cases cabinets
    • Multifresh Plus – Bio
    • Multiwine Plus
    • Multifresco Plus
    • Multifreeze Plus
  • Cold rooms
    • TKW Cold Rooms
    • Maxi Cold Rooms
    • Mini Cold Rooms
    • KLC Cold Rooms


About DSU

Producer of magnetic seals for Bonnet Névé commercial display cabinets. Specialized producer of high quality, OEM equivalent Bonnet Névé magnetic seals for retail display freezer glass doors at competitive prices. We offer customers a one-stop-shop for commercial fridge and freezer seals. Support for all brands of commercial refrigeration equipment.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

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