ISECO gasket

Buy OEM compatible rubber or silicone gasket applied in ISECO meal distribution trolleys, regeneration trolleys and static re-thermalisation units:


After its bankruptcy in 2017 ISECO was taken over by Electro Calorique, one of the worlds leading producers of food distribution systems for health institutions.

ISECO assortment

We offer cost competitive ISECO silicon seals for the various sizes of doors as used in the various types of ISECO (CALDORINOX) food transport trolleys, food distribution trolleys, regeneration units and static rethermalisation units:


  • Serelis one Fresh and regeneration trolley
  • Serelis ward based bulk-food regeneration trolley
  • Carbo-Fresh individual portion meal transport


  • Energis individual portion meal distribution and regeneration trolley


  • Carelis meal distribution trolley and regeneration trolley


  • Navis Carbo individual portion meal transport and regeneration trolley
  • Navis Caldo Hot Line Distribution trolley
  • Navis bulk food transportation trolley

Type VITALIS (Apetis)

  • Vitalis Carbo meal distribution trolley and Static Re-thermalisation Unit model 20
  • Vitalis Fresh meal distribution trolley and Static Re-thermalisation Unit
  • Vitalis Single food distribution trolley
  • Vitalis One Flex 24 fresh 80, 30 carbo 80 etc.
  • Vitalis EVO 24 carbo 95, single meal distribution trolley etc.


  • Mantinis One – sealing strip


  • 7Fresh individual meal distribution trolley
  • TMP 6 2 FRESH meal distribution trolley
  • Energis static meal distribution trolley
  • Static rethermalisation units ISECO various models
  • Transtronic single-tray meal distribution trolley

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