HEUFT Silicone Door Seal

Silicone door seal profiles as applied in a HEUFT ovens and combi-steamers include:

Identify the seal profile of a HEUFT oven or combi-steamer.

About DSU

Europe based supplier of OEM compatible silicone sealing frames as applied in commercial catering ovens and steamers.

Contact us for the design and (mass) production of silicone profiles by the metre and as vulcanized frames for the application to seal oven and steamer cabinet doors. All common grades and colors of Wacker high quality silicone compound are available. Our standard silicone assortment to replace worn or broken oven seals is available from stock by the metre or on coils.

Seals made out of silicone are used in commercial kitchen and bakery equipment doors because of the thermal stability of silicone. Silicone has a constancy of properties over a wide temperature range: from -90C to +280C (peak temperatures of around maximum +300C). This and the ability of silicone to repel water and form watertight seals makes it the ideal material to seal steamer and combi-steamer doors. More information about the properties of silicone.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

No matching seal profile for your HEUFT refrigerator in the overview above? Send us a picture of the seal cross-section and we will help you to find the right profile number.