Surfrigo seal

Seal profiles used in Surfrigo refrigeration equipment and cold rooms:

Identify the seal profile of a Surfrigo glass door or cold room door.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.


About Surfrigo

Surfrigo and Detroit are brand names of the Italian producer “De Rigo Refrigeration”.

The Surfrigo brand was founded by Walter De Rio in 1965. Since a merger in 2005 the Detroit brand has become part of the group. With its products Surfrigo and Detroit supply turn-key refrigeration solutions for retailers.


Surfrigo assortment

Surfrigo sells the following refrigeration equipment in which a magnetic seal is applied in the door:

  • Glassdoor freezer cabinets
  • Clio, plug-in gas R290
  • Glassdoor wall units for supermarkets
  • Cold rooms


About DSU

DSU is specialized in the manufacturing of OEM equivalent Surfrigo glass door refrigerator seals and cold room door seals. We are brand independent and offer a solution for all makes of commercial refrigeration equipment. Register your company to receive access to our B-to-B portal.

The DSU portal enables you to manage your overall fridge seal spares service. Portal features include:

  • Configuration tool to calculate seal prices
  • Quotation tool
  • Custom pricing
  • Order status
  • Order history
  • Drop-shipping option