Unifrigor fridge seal

For Unifrigor catering equipment, the following fridge seal profiles are used:

Identify the seal profile of an Unifrigor refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.


About Unifrigor

UNIFRIGOR srl was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment specializing in beer and drinks refrigeration and storage of ice cream and frozen products. Overtime the Unifrigor assortment has grown to a line of refrigerated cabinets, working tables, counters and under counters with and without glass doors for the hospitality sector as well as the healthcare sector.


Unifrigor assortment

Unifrigor offers a range of commercial refrigeration equipment including:

  • Bar and Café refrigeration equipment
    • Line Unibar Classic
    • Line Unibar Eco (glass doors)
    • Line Unibar Pensile (glass doors)
    • Line Unibar Touch (glass doors)
    • Line Unichiller
    • Line UniDrink
    • Line Unismart
    • Line Uniwine
  • Catering refrigeration equipment
    • Line UniGastro
    • Line UniChef
    • Line UniTop
    • Line UniPizza
    • Line UniFish
    • Line UniClima
  • Ice cream refrigerators
    • Line Unicream
    • Line UniFrost
  • Refrigeration equipment for healthcare (medical, bio and laboratories)
    • Line Unimedical Pharm
    • Line Unifrost Bio
    • Line Uniemoteca
    • Line Unimedical Lab


About DSU

DSU is the No. 1 European supplier of bespoke commercial refrigerator seals including UNIFRIGOR (glass) door seals and drawer seals. We produce OEM equivalent door and drawer seals for all makes of commercial refrigeration equipment including fridges, freezers, refrigerated workstations & workbenches, walk-in cold rooms etc. We support you with the profile selection and always offer a solution for any seal problem.