Kirsch refrigerator or freezer door seal

Refrigerator door seal profiles used in Kirsch medical, scientific and laboratory refrigerator cabinets and freezer cabinets:

Identify the seal profile of Kirsch refrigerator or freezer cabinet.

Replace a refrigerator or freezer seal in 4 steps.

About Kirsch

Kirsch has been established in 1865 as a coppersmith and over the years it developed into a leading company in the field of health care and laboratory cooling. Today the Kirsch brand is known all over the world for its reliable products for refrigeration in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sector. Kirsch refrigerators are manufactured in Offenburg, Germany.

Kirsch assortment

The Kirsch assortment consists of several types of refrigeration equipment:

  • Pharmaceutical refrigerators MED-85 / 100 / 125 / 288 / 340 / 468 / 520 / 600-S Series
  • Pharmaceutical freezers FROSTER-MED-70 / FROSTER-MED-95
  • Blood bank refrigerators BL-100 / 176 / 300 / 520 / 720 Series
  • Blood plasma freezers FROSTER-BL-178 / 180 / 330 / 530 / 650 / 730 Series
  • Laboratory refrigerators – Basic version / Explosion Proof – Re-Circulating Cooling
  • Laboratory freezers - Basic version / Explosion Proof – Re-Circulating Cooling
  • ESSENTIAL-Line refrigerators
    • Standard equipment
    • Pharmaceutical Refrigerators - ESSENTIAL-100 / 280 / 460 / 700 Series
    • Blood Bank Refrigerators - ESSENTIAL-100 / 280 / 460 / 700 Series
    • Laboratory Refrigerators – ESSENTIAL-100 / 280 / 460 / 700 Series

About DSU

DSU is European market leader in manufacturing bespoke (custom made) OEM compatible magnetic door seals for Kirsch medical refrigerator cabinets, freezer cabinets, glass door refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, blood plasma freezers, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, pharmacy refrigerators, pharmaceutical freezers, defrost cabinets etc.

We provide a solution for the replacement of broken or worn medical refrigerator, freezer and climate cabinet (magnetic) door seals. Sectors where our door seals are applied include: Agriculture, Biomedical, Healthcare, Life science, Pharmaceutical, Catering, Bakery, Marine and others.

We provide a solution for over 320 brands of professional refrigeration equipment. With support of our Whatsapp service we help you to find the right seal profile. We manufacture from one single seal. Manufacturing lead-time for any replacement seal is between 1 and 4 days. Our B2B portal helps service companies to manage their need for replacement refrigerator door seals.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

No matching seal profile for your Kirsch refrigerator in the overview above? Send us a picture of the seal cross-section and we will help you to find the right profile number.