Irinox fridge seal

For Irinox Professional catering equipment, the following fridge seal profiles are used.

Identify the seal profile of a Irinox blast chiller or shock freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.

About Irinox

Irinox, founded in Corbanese, Italy, is known for its blast chillers and shock freezers. At the end of the eighties Irinox was the pioneer in the development of the blast chilling concept for the preservation of food in the hospitality sector, bread-making and ice cream industry. Today Irinox equipment is sold in more then 80 countries.

Irinox assortment

The Irinox Professional assortment consists of a wide selection of holding cabinets, blast chillers and shockfreezers including:

  • Blast chillers
  • Shock freezers
  • Holding cabinets
  • Proofing systems

About DSU

We are the leading brand independent manufacturer of Irinox door seals for catering kitchen service companies, commercial refrigeration service companies and wholesalers in catering and refrigeration equipment spares.