Misa Cold Room Door Seal

Soft PVC, rubber, EPDM or silicone door seal profiles as applied in a Misa Cold Room, Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in freezer insulated hinged or sliding door include:

Misa part numbers

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Model number Partnumber
PP6/200 019442
PP7/200 019407
PP7/220 019407
PP7/240 019407
PPS/200 019489
PPS/220 019489
PPS/240 019489
PP10/200 019489
PP10/220 019489
PP10/240 019489
PP10-210/240 019408
PP11-210/240 019496
PP12-220/240 Order
PN6-10/200 019442
PN7-10/200 019407
PN7-10/220 019407
PN7-10/240 019407
PNS-10/200 019489
PNS-10/240 019489
PN 10-10/200 019489
PN10-10/220 019489
PN 10-10/240 019489
PN10-10/210/240 019408
PN11-10/210/240 019496
PN10-13/200 019489
PN10-13/240 019489
PN11-13/210/240 019496
PP10G-187/240 019489
PP10G-210/280 019408
PP10G-210/320 019408
PP1 0G-250/320 Order
PP10-10G-210/280 019408
PP10-10G-210/320 019408
SP6/80/200 Order
SP6/80/240 Order
SP2X6/80/200 Order
SP2X6/80/240 Order
SN6-10/80/200 Order
SN6-10/80/240 Order
N2X6-10 80 200 Order
SN2X6-10/80/240 Order

Meter goods and articles

Model number Misa Partnumber
PP6/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011030
PP7/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PP7/220 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PP7/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PPS/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011032
PPS/220 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011032
PPS/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011032
PP10/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10/220 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10-210/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP11-210/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011030
PP12-220/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) Order
PN6-10/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011030
PN7-10/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PN7-10/220 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PN7-10/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011031
PNS-10/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011032
PNS-10/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011032
PN 10-10/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN10-10/220 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN 10-10/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN10-10/210/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN11-10/210/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011030
PN10-13/200 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN10-13/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PN11-13/210/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011030
PP10G-187/240 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10G-210/280 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10G-210/320 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP1 0G-250/320 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10-10G-210/280 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033
PP10-10G-210/320 (Rubber sweeper gasket) 011033

Identify the seal profile of a Misa Walk-in cold room or freezer room door.

Replace a cold room door seal in 4 steps.

About Misa

Misa is an Italian producer of modular commercial and industrial cold rooms. Founded in 1969 Misa is today’s market leader in cold rooms. In 2011 the brand joined Epta which allowed better access to the market.

Misa assortment

Misa has a broad assortment of modular cold rooms and freezer rooms for retail, catering and the HoReCa:

  • Cold rooms and freezer rooms KLC Series
  • Corner cold rooms KLA Series
  • Mini cold room KLM 20 Series
  • Modular cold storage and freezer storage solutions
  • Glass door cabinets SELF, PNV and PPV Series

About DSU

Europe based producer and supplier of soft PVC, EPDM and silicone seals and rubber sweepers as applied to seal Misa hinged cold room doors. We also supply an assortment of EPDM, Silicone and Rubber sealing profiles and angled rubber sweepers by the metre for servicing and repairing hinged and sliding cold room doors, cold store doors, step-in cold room doors, vessel cold room doors, roll-in cold room doors and roll-in freezer room doors. We keep stock of over 220 gasket profile styles covering all major brands in commercial refrigeration and cold storage solutions.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

No matching seal profile for your Misa refrigerator in the overview above? Send us a picture of the seal cross-section and we will help you to find the right profile number.