Inoxfera fridge gasket

For Inoxfera refrigeration equipment, the following fridge seal profiles are used.

Identify the seal profile of an INOXFERA refrigerator.

Replace a refrigerator or freezer in 4 steps.


About Inoxfera

Inoxfera is part of the ONNERA Group, an international manufacturer for equipment solutions for the foodservice, refrigeration and commercial laundry industries. The range of Inoxfera products include Self-service counters, Wine cellars, Dry age cabinets and refrigerated buffet equipment.

ONNERA Group is part of the Mondragon Corporation and has a brand portfolio including: ASBER Professional, Edenox, Efficold, FAGOR and other companies with focus on the hospitality industry. The ONNERA Group markets its products on all five continents. It has 8 manufacturing plants strategically placed around the world (Spain, France, Poland and Mexico).


Inoxfera assortment

The Inoxfera assortment consists of:

  • Custom fabricated counters
  • Self service counters
  • Drop-in catering equipment
  • Buffet equipment (hot and cold)
  • Wine cellars
  • Dry age cabinets
  • Merchandisers – refrigerators and freezers


About DSU

DSU BV manufactures magnetic fridge seals for Inoxfera commercial refrigeration equipment. We can produce complete custom sized seal frames for INOXFERA equipment from just 1 seal to any number of seals required.

DSU manufactures made-to-measure refrigerator door and drawer seals for all commercial refrigeration brands. This means DSU is a one-stop-shop for service companies who need spare fridge seals for maintenance jobs.

As a manufacturer we can produce each door or drawer seal exactly to the requested measurements. We hold stock of all seal profiles which enables us to have a short delivery time.

Use our configuration tool and to calculate prices for refrigerator seals through a B2B account. Request account.