Frigoglass fridge seal

Buy a fridge gasket of profiles applied in Frigoglass refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, freezers and glass door refrigerators:

Identify the gasket profile of a Frigoglass refrigerator glass door.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.


Frigoglass is a strategic partner of world’s top beverage brands such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Co. Frigoglass designs and produces custom concepts merchandizers for points of sales of beverages. Production takes place in 8 countries including Romania and China.

Frigoglass assortment

Frigoglass has a broad portfolio of (display) refrigerators, glass door refrigerators and refrigerated display merchandizers with a magnetic door gasket:

Merchandising refrigerator with glass door as present in Europe

  • Flex serie
  • ICOOL – Platinum – Retro – Smart serie
  • SMART serie
  • FV serie
  • CMV serie
  • SUPER serie
  • FLEX serie

About DSU

We are specialized in manufacturing glass door gaskets suitable for FRIGOGLASS refrigeration equipment. As Europe’s gasket specialist we offer a solution for all makes of commercial refrigeration equipment. Register your company to receive access to our B-to-B portal.

The DSU portal enables you to manage your overall fridge gasket spares service.

Portal features include:

  • Configuration tool to calculate gasket prices
  • Quotation tool
  • Custom pricing
  • Order status
  • Order history
  • Drop-shipping option