Buy Liebherr fridge seal

Buy fridge door seal of profiles applied in LIEBHERR Professional refrigerator cabinets, freezer cabinets and wine cabinets:


About Liebherr

Liebherr engaged in the production of refrigerator and freezer cabinets in 1954. It has a strong position in Western Europe and exports its products worldwide. Besides the production of refrigeration equipment for the hospitality industry it is also active in cooling equipment for research centra and laboratories.

Till today Liebherr is still a family owned business. All shareholders are decendants of the founder Hans Lieberr. Refrigerator cabinets and freezer cabinets are produced in Kluang (Malysia), Lienz (Austria), Ochsenhausen (Germany) and Radinovo (Bulgaria).


Liebherr has a broad assortment of refrigerator cabinets, freezer cabinets and wine cabinets:
·      FKUv Fridges and Freezers
·      GGU Fridges
·      GKV Fridges
·      GKPv Profiline Fridges and Freezers
·      BKPv Profiline Fridges and Pover cabinets for bakeries
·      BGPv Profiline Freezers for bakeries
·      GKv Fridges
·      GG Fridges
·      GGPv Profiline Fridges
·      WTb Vinotek Klimate Cabinets