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TEFCOLD is a Danish company founded in 1987 with focus on the production and distribution of professional refrigeration equipment for the hospitality sector. Besides this they also have refrigeration equipment for laboratories and R&D centers. TEFCOLD headquarters are situated in Viborg Denmark. TEFCOLD exports refrigeration equipment to more than 100 countries worldwide.


TEFCOLD assortment

TEFCOLD has a broad assortment of refrigerator and freezer cabinets, back bar display coolers and gastroline refrigeration equipment:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers – BK – BF - RK – RF – RKS – UR – UF Series
  • Coolers
    • Backbars and KEG Coolers – DB – BA – CBC - CKC
    • Bottle and display Coolers – BC – FS – SD - GBC – CEV – FSC – SCU Series
  • Freezers
    • Impulse freezers
    • Storage chest freezers – FR Series
    • Upright (display) freezers – UF – GF – UFF – UFS – NF Series
  • Gastroline refrigerated counters
    • Gastroline counters – UD1 – UD2 – CK7 – CF7 – SK6 – BK Series
    • Café tables – CT420 – CT630 – CT840 Series
    • Saladette counters – SA9 – SA10 – SA13 Series
    • Sandwich counters – SS7 – SS8 – SS14 Series
    • Pizza counters – PT9 – PT12 – PT13 Series
    • Blast chillers en freezers – BLC3 – BLC5 – BLC10 – BLC14 Series
  • TEFCOLD G-Line catering equipment
    • GN 1/1 Counters GC2 – GC3 Model
    • GN 1/1 Saladettes GS10 – GS20 Model
    • GN 1/1 Pizza counters – GP20 Model
    • GN2/1 Upright Cabinets – GUC65 Model
  • Laboratory
    • Refrigerator glass door MSU3 – MSU4 Series
    • Chest freezer SE20 – SE30 Series
  • Minibars
    • Refrigerator TM32 – TM42 – TM52 Series
  • Bakery and Supermarket
    • Display refrigerator UPD60 Series
  • Wine coolers – Conditioned wine cabinet
    • Wine cooler glass door TFW8 – TFW16 – CPV – CPP Series
  • Mobile refrigeration
    • Mobile service refrigerated trolley MSD Series


About DSU

DSU BV manufactures fridge seals for TEFCOLD commercial upright refrigerators, freezers, chest freezers, blast chillers, refrigerated workbenches, refrigerated workstations, under counter refrigerators, back bar refrigerators and glass door display refrigerators.

We manufacture bespoke refrigerator door seals and drawer seals for all commercial refrigeration brands starting from just one single seal. This means DSU is the one-stop-shop for service companies who need spare fridge seals for maintenance jobs.

As a manufacturer we can produce each door or drawer seal exactly to the requested dimensions. We hold stock of all seal profiles which enables us to have a short delivery time. Sign up for a B2B account to calculate prices for TEFCOLD refrigerator seals using our configuration tool.

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