Buy IARP fridge seal

Buy fridge seal of profiles applied in IARP refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, freezers and glassdoor refrigerators:





IARP was founded in 1983 in Italy. The company specializes in (display) plug-in refrigerator and freezer cabinets. Since 2013 IARP is part of the international EPTA group of companies.

Besides standard refrigerated cabinets for catering professionals IARP also develops customer specific (glass door) refrigerators for optimal presentation of its customers products.


IARP has a broad portfolio of (display) refrigerators, glass door refrigerators and glass door freezers with a door seal:

Catering upright refrigerators
·      AB 400 N series
·      AB 500 N series
·      AB 600 N series
·      AB 700 N series
·      RUGIADA series
·      EKO series
·      VINO series
·      WW series

Glass door refrigerators
·      COUNTER TOP series
·      GLEE Prime series
·      EIS series