Emmepi fridge seal

For Emmepi catering equipment the following fridge seal profiles are used:

Identify the gasket profile of an Emmepi refrigerated counter, refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer gasket in 4 steps.

About Emmepi

The company Emmepi Grandi Cucine has been declared bankrupt in 2017. Emmepi was active in the production and sales of industrial catering kitchens for canteens, restaurants, bars etc. Untill its insolvency situation in 2017 the Emmepi commercial catering refrigeration equipment was produced in Caorso, via Fiorello Masarati 1 / B, in the province of Piacenza, Italy.

Emmepi assortment

The Emmepi Grande Cucine assortment consisted of several types of refrigeration equipment in which a magnetic seal has been applied:
• Refrigerator cabinets and Freezer cabinets
• Refrigerated counters and Freezer counters
• Back bar coolers
• Merchandisers
• Chest freezers
• Coldrooms

About DSU

DSU is the No. 1 European supplier of bespoke commercial refrigerator gaskets including Emmepi door gaskets and drawer gaskets. We produce OEM equivalent door and drawer gaskets for all makes of commercial refrigeration equipment including fridges, freezers, refrigerated workstations & workbenches, walk-in cold rooms etc. We support you with the profile selection and always offer a solution for any gasket problem.