TECNODOM fridge seal

For TECNODOM catering equipment the following fridge seal profiles are used:

Identify the seal profile of a TECNODOM refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer seal in 4 steps.



The brand name TECNODOM S.p.A. has been established in the year 2000, but the company expertise goes back to the 80’s. The company is privately owned. Their expertise lies with commercial and professional refrigeration. The stainless steel catering product line has many variations. From refrigerated cabinets to workbenches and cold stores.

TECNODOM catering equipment is sold in more than 50 countries, all equipment is produced in Vigodarzere, Italy. 


TECNODOM assortment

The TECNODOM assortment consists of a wide selection of refrigeration equipment including:

Upright Refrigerated cabinets and freezer cabinets

  • ECO 400 – 600 – 700 – 1400 GN 2/1
  • MID 700 – 1400 GN 2/1
  • ISO 700 – 1400 GN 2/1
  • BIG 900L

Blast chillers and shock freezers

  • ATTILA – G/N 2/3

Horizontal refrigerators

  • MID – TN 600
  • EKO – GN 1/1
  • MID – TN/BT GN 1/1
  • MID Pastry
  • EKO / MID Pizza GN 1/1


  • EKO – G/N 1/1 

Mini Cold Store


About DSU

We are the leading brand independent manufacturer of TECNODOM door and drawer seals for catering kitchen service companies, commercial refrigeration service companies and wholesalers in catering and refrigeration equipment spares.