Dagard Cold Room Door Seal

Soft PVC, rubber, EPDM or silicone door seal profiles as applied in a Dagard Cold Room, Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in freezer insulated hinged or sliding door include:

Dagard part numbers

Description  Dagard Code DSU code
Sweeper gasket 55 x 1,5 mm 01H0302300 3-60
Fixing No. 3312 lg 2.50 m 01H0300701 43-C
Gasket No. 2311 01H0300000 43-A20
Gasket No. 8511 01H0300800 43-A36
Gasket No. 2350 01H0300100 43-A38
Corner fixing No. 2313 01H0301800 43-D
Gasket No. 3350 lg 3.40 m DETA011300 49-A
Gasket No. 4451 DETA011201 49-B
Fixing No. 3362 lg. 2.10 m DETA036101 49-C
Fixing No. 3352 l. 2.10m DETA036301 49-D
Gasket No. 1505 lg. 4.05 m 02D0100500 50-A

Sweeper No. 1938 for positive door th. 60 mm (gasket + screw)

PL/FW Dagard Code DSU code
620 09B2510015 B-3060-A
700 09B2510061 B-3060-A
800 09B2510016 B-3060-A
900 09B2510045 B-3060-A
1000 09B2510017 B-3060-A
1200 09B2510018 B-3060-A
1400 09B2510019 B-3060-A
1500 09B2510020 B-3060-A


Identify the seal profile of a Dagard Walk-in cold room or freezer room door.

Replace a cold room door seal in 4 steps.

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Help with finding the right seal profile

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