Mondial Elite

Mondial Elite fridge seal

For Mondial Elite catering equipment the following fridge seal profiles are used:

Identify the gasket profile of Mondial Elite upright refrigerator or freezer.

Replace a fridge or freezer gasket in 4 steps.

About Mondial Elite

Mondial Elite is an Italian producer with a broad assortment of upright refrigerators, freezers, wine cabinets, chest freezers and upright display coolers for medical use. The company operates under the name of MondialFramec. It has sales offices in more than 20 countries.

Mondial Elite manufactures a wide range of upright refrigerators and freezers for the horeca, retail and medical sector.
• Upright refrigerators and freezer cabinets – CHEF – KIC – VOLGA – BEV Series
• Display coolers for medical use – MILES – SIMPLEX Series
• Glass door display coolers for retail – EXPO series
• Climatized wine cabinets - BACCHUS – MULTIC – VINUM series
• Chest freezers
• Prover cabinets
• Shock freezers