George Barker

George Barker fridge seal

Buy fridge seal of profiles applied in George Barker commercial refrigeration equipment such as glass door refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms:

Identify the seal profile of a George Barker refrigerator glass door.

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About George Barker

George Barker designs and produces custom refrigeration cabinets for major food retail groups. It is an established market leader in the United Kindom. The company George Barker was founded in Bradford in 1928 and joined the Italian based Epta Group in 1999.

The EPTA group of companies consists of companies active in commercial refrigeration:  COSTAN, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, iarp and Knudsen Køling.

George Barker assortment

George Barker has a broad portfolio including serve over counters, plug-in (display) refrigerators, vertical glass door refrigerators and vertical glass door freezers:

Vertical glass door freezers

  • Elephant GV Series
  • Cayman 2 Series

Horizontal slide top freezers

  • Tortuga (2) – 1800 – 2000 Series
  • Crocodile (2)
  • Miura Series
  • Whale 1000G – 1500G – 1800G – 2000G Series
  • Leopard Series

Plug-in cabinets with glass door

  • Symphony ABT
  • Blues 3 BT / TN

Cold rooms

  • Cargo Ultra
  • Eurocargo Ultra
  • Daily Ultra
  • TKWUltra

About DSU

We are specialized in manufacturing OEM equivalent glass door and cold room seals for George Barker commercial refrigeration equipment and equipment produced by members of the Epta group of companies. As Europe’s seal specialist we offer a solution for all makes of commercial refrigeration equipment. Register your company to receive access to our B-to-B portal.

The DSU portal enables you to manage your overall fridge seal spares service. Portal features include:

Configuration tool to calculate seal prices

  • Quotation tool
  • Custom pricing
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  • Drop-shipping option