Buy BOLARUS fridge seal or drawer seal

Buy fridge seal profiles applied in BOLARUS foodservice and catering cooling equipment:




BOLARUS S.A. is a Polish producer of cooling equipment for the professional catering and retail sector. Bolarus designs and produces equipment in Bochnia Poland. Besides their own product line Bolarus is known to also produce equipment for third parties. 

The product line of BOLARUS consists of the following equipment for professional caterers:

Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets
·      PRO Series
·      Gastro C
·      Gastro F Inox
·      Bolarus EX C / EX F
·      BASIC
·      Eco + / Eco Inox
·      Combi Inox

Prep tables
·      SM Series
·      SCH PIZZA Series
·      Salad Series
·      Supersalad Series
·      Matersalad Series
·      SCHN Series

Chest freezers
·      Z Series